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Bylaws approved 28 September 2020


De Pelgrim ("The Church") is part of the global Calvary Chapel movement (See ). “The Church” has no formal membership and is formed by like-minded born-again Bible believing Christians who come together in obedience to God's will and purpose; specifically, but not exclusively, for the promotion of Christianity in accordance with the following:

a. Worship of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (One God in Three Persons);

b. ‘Equip’ the Church of Jesus Christ, in particular by teaching and preaching God's Word;

c. To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ according to the Great Commission given to the Church, so that men and women everywhere will repent and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior;

d. To serve the community in obedience to the Word of God and by being an example of Jesus' love for His creation.

The doctrine of “The Church” (What we believe) can be found on the website:

“De Pelgrim” specifically follows the doctrine, beliefs and style of worship endorsed by the global Calvary Chapel movement. It is a specific and essential requirement that “The Church” be led by a recognized pastor of the Calvary Chapel movement and that all Church leaders, including members of the ‘De Pelgrim’ endorse and adhere to the doctrine, beliefs and worship style of the Church from the Calvary Chapel group of churches. In accordance with the above preamble, these statutes state the purpose, the tasks and responsibilities and the parameters within which "De Pelgrim" must operate, the facilities and resources under its control, while ensuring that all legal regulatory and, in particular, compliance with health and safety regulations is provided to fully support the general objectives of “The Church”, De Pelgrim Calvary Chapel.


De Pelgrim Calvary Chapel is a Christian fellowship where we gather for the purpose of knowing and glorifying Jesus Christ. We desire to see all people become committed to live as followers of Jesus Christ.




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